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A high awareness of quality and an understanding of traditional Austrian Alpine clothing are the highest priorities of Trachtenstadl Salzburg, located in the heart of Salzburg’s Old Town.  Traditional Austrian dress produced by renowned local manufacturers is the right recipe for a piece of Austria’s Trachten history. Clothing of Austria, which is interchangeable and easily combinable with new styles, always maintains and reflects the traditions of this historic land.

Charming Dirndl Dresses
The Trachtenstadl team places high value on fine and natural materials. Wearing a Dirndl dress should be a pleasure for the senses – regardless of whether you wear it at a special occasion or as a cherished piece of everyday clothing.  Alongside traditional elements, this traditional Austrian costume includes modern and fashionable adornments. You will always find the right clothing, rich with unmistakeable Austrian charm, for all occasions at Trachtenstadl Salzburg.

Salzburger Festival: Clear the Stage for Something Special
The elaborately perfect Dirndl dress, which takes centre stage during the Salzburger Festival, is an important part of our company’s philosophy. Traditional materials of the highest quality and sophisticated cuts are the basis for this special Austrian clothing that is extravagantly enhanced with numerous adornments.

Professional Advice from a Team Keen on Preserving Tradition
At Trachtenstadl Salzburg, customers can always count on advice from competent team members. A strong sense of tradition is a requirement for all of our helpful staff, who not only keep their minds open to our customers’ needs and desires, but also a trained eye to help bring our customers’ aesthetic dreams to life.  Having our own in-house tailoring shop makes it possible for us to adjust all of the clothing to the exact measurements of our customers.