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Trachtenstadl - Welcome

A visit to Salzburg is a feast for the senses: the ringing of the cathedral bells, the tempting aroma of sweet confections, strolling through narrow alleys lined with shops and the bustling historic “Green Market”. Of course not to be forgotten: the Getreidegasse, whose gilded wrought iron signs arouse nostalgia. 

Trachtenstadl in the Heart of Salzburg

Where else, if not on this world famous street, could one better experience vibrant Salzburg life? Here is where traditional dreams of silk, velvet and linen are brought to life by authentic craftsmanship: at Trachtenstadl, in the heart of the Salzburg Old Town, traditional Alpine clothing and Trachten culture have the perfect home.

Traditional Clothing for Everyday and Special Occasions

Artfully decorated and adorned with elegant details, Tracht, the traditional clothing of Austria, is more than just festive attire worn on special occasions.  It is everyday clothing for the entire family, something that visitors see on a regular basis throughout Salzburg. The connection with generations past, and the traditions handed down, is most evident throughout Mozart’s hometown – more so than elsewhere.  This sentiment is not just conveyed at Trachtenstadl – we live it too.

Tradition that Keeps Up with the Times

Trachtenstadl is more than just a stylish setting for age-old tradition; there is also room for modern impulses.  With great sensitivity and creativity, we unite the old and the new to create a contemporary, harmonious whole. Sabine and Bernhard Steiner and the entire team strive to create a place alive with tradition that touches the soul.